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This Is His Way in Our New Health Startup- Neil Patel

This Is His Way in Our New Health Startup- Neil Patel

In 2012, I came across a study indicating that nine out of 10 health-related entries on Wikipedia are inaccurate (Wikipedia vs Peer-Reviewed Medical Literature for Information About the 10 Most Costly Medical Conditions). And perhaps more alarming still was evidence that medical-related content on Wikipedia was viewed 5 billion times in 2013 alone (Wikipedia's medical errors and one doctor's fight to correct them ).

A survey of 3,001 adults in the United States found that 80 percent of Internet users—59 percent of all adults—have searched online for information about any of 15 health topics, including specific diseases or treatments.; In addition, up to 89 percent of parents search the Internet for information about their children's health concerns.

We are aware that any patient looking to research a health concern online is effectively diving into an ocean with no land in sight. One of my colleagues and I decided to create a health platform; and so a new startup Caredir ) was born

Neil Patel's The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience changed our way of thinking on how to present our un-conventional health website. Because of the complex navigation that is sometimes required on existing medical information websites, endless pop-up ads, complicated design and lack of clear comprehensible information, something had to be done…not just for consumer convenience, but to provide a platform for consumers to provide free, accurate and helpful information about their medical issues to their doctors. We were a little skeptical on the traffic results at the beginning. We made some twitches as described in The Definitive Guide to B2C Content Marketing and 16 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog's TrafficThrough Content Distribution. Although our site is not a blog we started seeing the rising traffic and we understood how expertise influences in what it takes you from Null to One... and that is the most crucial point in your journey to spread your presence.

Caredir Health site was crowned by the International Business Awards (2015) in 3 categories, namely Startup of the Year (Consumer Services Industries), Best New Product or Service of the Year (Health & Pharmaceuticals Service) and Health Products & Services...

Thin line between dreamers to doers: Thanks Neil...


Mustafa K.Calik,MD

Co-founder; Caredir ®


About Caredir ®

Caredir ® is a free online health resource moderated by physicians which provides reliable, accurate and fast information about current medical conditions with traffic lights labeling system, answers for symptoms you may be experiencing with an e-mailing/printing option for delivering to your physician, and even health news categorized by gender and age from around the world. Learn more about Caredir ®: